the vacuous and vapid phil stoneman homepage
- now with extra viscosity

me feeling a bit jaundiced
well, it was about time for an update, so welcome to the 2003 redux.
if your nerves can take the excitement.
Betty's Clinic were my band for some time in Sheffield, England and really were very good for a while. but that's all over now...
previously, i was in this other fine band whilst at university in stirling, scotland...

and then there's my other old bands; fake hair girl, physt phuq and shallow.

(you can also have a look at the sheffield alternative rock family tree, if you so desire)

i also write for the great contemporary horror fanzine Firelight Shocks, which is a great read

i've also done two issues of my own little zine, curvature, for which i interviewed the wonderful hefner. there will be a little site for it at some point.

whilst at university, i was president, treasurer, and publicity officer for a number of years for the Stirling University Live Alternative Music Society.

i was also making a film, which now looks like it will never actually get finished due a general feeling of apathy. you can however read the diary of its non-production here; it was titled Catcher of Dreams

...and then there's various other stuff...

but before you even think about looking at that (not that you probably were), mail me...
my sense of boredom hasn't really improved over the years.